Friday, November 4, 2011

What Day Is It?

After being in Texas for a little over three weeks, I am trying to adjust to being home. Today was a full one for me..

  • Drove one of my boys down to Colorado Springs (an hour drive) for a tutoring session.
  • Ran to a couple of thrift stores.. it's my guilty pleasure and I scored a pair of J Brand Jeans for $5.99. Thank you to the lovely girl who donated them for her tax write-off. Keep 'em coming girl!
  • Went to Hobby Lobby looking for wall hooks and some wooden/cardboard letters (thank you Pinterest). I realized that my beloved Hobby Lobby has cut back on the discounts. The last two times I've been, there haven't been as many 50% off deals. What happened? I am bargain shopper.. I need big discounts!
  • Quick lunch date with my boy.. love that bonding time!
  • Ran my car through the car wash to get the 4 inches of mud off. It is supposed to snow tomorrow and I wanted it to be fresh and clean.
  • Drove halfway back home and stopped at the grocery store.. Apparently my menfolk survived on Eggos, Cereal, and Nutella while I was away. We had almost nothing in our pantry and fridge.
  • Got home and hit the pavement to get my run in for the day. I didn't really have the energy, but if it snows tomorrow I will not be venturing outside! Plus, I'm signing up to do a 5k in Texas on Thanksgiving. Pray for me.. pray hard.
  • Finally, made dinner and cleaned up... DONE! 

I love my life.. love my boys.. it takes a lot of energy and it's sometimes thankless. But this is the life that I prayed for and I will do my best to see even the challenges as a blessing. The right man is worth the wait, girls, remember that. It isn't always a fairy tale, but it will be your love story. Make it exciting, romantic, amazing and also be okay with the boring, ordinary, same 'ole routine days that you cherish. 

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