Monday, January 7, 2013

Gone For Now

I try not to ask "why" too often...I strive to be thankful, look for the joy, the blessings, and to just trust God when I don't understand.

It's a hard day for us though.. We put our sweet boys back on a plane to Colorado. The holidays are over and it's back to school and back to work. The boys will be back for the summer, but until then, we won't see them unless we make a trip there.

When they are here.. It's go-go-go! Three full loads of laundry a day. Mud and dirt and grass constantly tracked into the house. Rubberband gun wars, Nerf gun wars, wrestling matches, and football games. Countless PB&J's, bowls of cereal, dozens of eggs, bacon, and loaves and loaves of bread. We adults fall asleep standing up while the boys have more energy than a herd of wild bulls!

We wouldn't trade it for anything.. The weeks are never long enough and too far and few between.

If you got up early to make lunches and get them to school.. Count your blessings.

If you have to chauffeur them to soccer, football, or any other activity... Count your blessings.

If you have to help with hours of homework or projects... Count your blessings.

If they leave their clothes everywhere, toothpaste in the sink, and track muddy shoes through the house... Count your blessings.

We would do just about anything to have the day to day, monotonous, exhausting, daily routine with our boys.

When you know how much you're missing, you hold on much more tightly to the time that you have.