Friday, November 25, 2011

My Turkey Trotting, Thanksgiving Meal Cooking Update

Dan and I traveled to San Antonio this week to spend Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad.

On Thursday, we ran our first 5k, the Gruene Turkey Trot. I wasn't nervous at all.. mostly. The gun shot and we all took off. It was so great to do this first race with my Man! He's the best. We actually kept a decent pace for ourselves. I spotted a couple about our ages that were ahead of us and suggested that we keep up with them. About three minutes later, Dan said, " Ok, let's back it off babe." I was secretly glad, they were scootin' right along! Clearly, they were younger and
more fit than we are! The last few yards were the best part of the whole race. Two seconds before the finish line, Dan says, "let's blast it out!" It turns out that his blast is faster than mine. He finished at 32:21 and I finished at 32:26. We were happy that we finished and weren't last!

After regaining our composure and beginning to breath again at a normal rate (as in able to breath and talk at the same time).. We rushed home to get Thanksgiving dinner ready. I'd prepped some dishes on Wednesday, but still needed to warm several and
make a few. No pressure on my first solo Thanksgiving... Girls, if you are still able to glean cooking wisdom from your Mom, Do It! Don't take her suggestions for granted. My sweet momma helped me as much as she could, but I needed some major help with this meal! A few dishes were too dry and I learned that adding Splenda to your cranberry sauce, in place of sugar, will make it bitter/sour/gross. I guess all in all it turned out well.. What I mean is... No one got sick.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Shop 'til you drop!

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