Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Daily Routine

When I married Dan last year, I not only became a wife, but also an instant step-mom to Christopher and Cy.  While I thought that my many years as an "old maid" had given me time to prepare for life within the walls of a home, I quickly found out how "unprepared" I actually was! Don't get me wrong.. cooking, cleaning, laundry,organizing.. I could do all of that with my eyes closed.  It's the small things that knock you off your feet! 

Over the last few months, I have worked at building a relationship with the boys.  I didn't want to come on too strong or make them feel as though I was trying to replace their mom. This isn't a competition.  Kids don't need parents or guardians competing for their love or attention.  I made a conscious effort to give them alone time with their dad, but I have also planned family activities that would hopefully bond us.  During this time, I would stand back, let them play and then interact here and there.  Honestly, I believed I was doing a pretty good job with all of this! Then, two weeks ago at dinner, Christopher wanted to pray for us, he began thanking God for our food, then the pets, then his Dad, for working so hard to provide, then his brother that he always has to play with, and then me, for whom he thanked God cleaned so well.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.. HE'S THANKFUL FOR MY CLEANING!!! That moment began a work in my heart.. we all probably remember a time when we wanted our parents (or step-parents) to just stop what they "needed to be doing" and just play with us.  It wasn't the that Christopher couldn't see that I was trying to make a good home for him, his Dad, and Cy.  He just observed that I spent the bulk of my time doing busy work.  From that day, I really purpose to sit down and do something that they want to do... and believe me, I don't have much experience with boys! Nope, I wasn't a tomboy either.  I was pretty much a "play with Barbies, play house, an ohhh, don't get me dirty kinda girl! But when I see how they love that time with me and how quickly those moments bond us...I remind myself that dirt washes off and the laundry can wait!

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Honey

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Time of My Life

Most people who know me remember how long I waited to be get married.  I waited many years for my prince.  Now that time is here and I love every minute of it! Dan and I spent the weekend together in Grand Junction, Colorado.  It's about 30 degrees warmer there that where we live.. I was in Heaven! 

We spent Saturday downtown at their annual Art and Jazz Festival.  I'm always amazed at the creativity that some people have! I was inspired and am now hoping to "create" something great soon!  The rest of the evening, we spent out in the desert with our friends.  Late that night, we did something I'd never done before! We rolled tires off of the ridge, after they were lit on fire!  A little redneck, I'll admit, but it was a blast!  Sunday was spent four-wheeling and exploring! I have a nice sunburn and sore body to prove it!

My life isn't anything like I would have imagined... it's so much more.  My husband encourages me to try things I would have never tried on my own and I help him slow down to enjoy things that he wouldn't have otherwise.  

We hope our family and friends will make time to come visit soon.... Meanwhile, I'll post pictures and tell you about my amazing life!