Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Over It!

I am officially over winter, snow, sub-zero temperatures, turtlenecks (that says a lot, because I love wearing those things), and anything that is remotely related to winter!!  

And to prove that I am done with this season and ready to move onto the next one.. I cashed in my GROUPON to Tan Your Hide.. the one that I'd purchased way back in October. Yes Ma'am, I did. I tanned my hide last night, for the first time in many months. Tonight, to step it up a notch, I added this to the mix. 

I am sure that my efforts are being wasted.. as it doesn't seem to warm up enough around here for shorts and  sun-dresses until the end of May. But at least I'll know that under my layers, I am working on that bronze glow and the bronze glow means that summer in just around the corner!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It was only a few short years ago that I approached Valentine's Day with great dread in my heart... you see,  I'd never had a Valentine (the lovey, dovey kind), EVER.  I can hear the sighs and ooohhh, you poor thing...believe me, that pretty much sums up how I felt about February 14, years 198?-2008. 

I would do the, "heck no", I am not going to dwell on what I don't have. Then I'd just try to ignore the stupid day!!  Or the next year, I'd go for the "who needs a man??" I had single friends and we'd all go to dinner and a movie.  But let me just be honest.  For some years, many years.. I just let myself cry, wallow in the sadness of not having found love and the loneliness that no one can understand unless they have spent MANY years as a single person.

I have to brag on my amazing parents, though... They knew how hard it was for me to want someone in my life for so long and how I "loved" love and wanted that.  My sweet Mom and Dad would always send me flowers or buy me some sweet gift. They always reminded me of their love for me and never let me be alone.

Then of course.. after many years of waiting..many years of waiting and praying...
My sweet Dan came along. He was the ONE that I had prayed for and he is now and forever will be 

My Valentine.

It was love at first sight..

Love For A Lifetime

So if you're out there and you are alone.. keep praying for that special person that will change your life. If you've already found that someone and the dream hasn't been all that you hoped for..Ask God to remind you of what drew you to your spouse and made you fall in love with then.  Remember that there is a True Love that comes from God. He gave His own Son for us.

John 3:16 “This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Family Again

Tonight I lay my head down with so many blessings to consider
On this day, God has brought my sweet family back together

So many, many prayers were prayed
Countless friends stood in the gap for us

And tonight as I lay my head down...
I won't worry about the mess, 
fret over our dinner of cookies and milk
No.. you see-
I am loving the survival camp set up in my living room

And I am going to bed with peace in my heart.. 
The two sweetest boys are snug in their beds in the room next door 
And their amazing daddy is laying next to me.

We are proof that God answers the prayers of those who diligently seek Him.

Because You Must

I have become an avid reader of many amazing blogs... Seriously, I have time set apart in my day (most days, anyway), to read and catch up with some wonderfully, witty writers.

Here are a few that are changing my world..

Teaching Tuck and Ty - This one stirs my soul and reminds me to cherish each moment.

From The Nato's - Jaime is witty, and outright hilarious.. she's also amazingly crafty and deeply insightful on many different topics!

Kingdom Twindom - Sarah is a mother of five (including two sets of twins). She has an amazing marriage testimony and is currently trusting that the God who began a good work in that union, will be faithful to complete it.

Jaime the Very Worst Missionary - Jaime and her family are missionaries to Costa Rica. I love her sense of humor and way of  "telling it like it is"!!

Stilettos & Grace - Angela inspires me with her passion for God and her love for her family! She's also got some fabulous fashion sense!

There are more.. but it's late and I'm getting very, very sleepy. Pop on over and follow these great bloggers. They inspire me and make me laugh, sometimes cry, but always draw me closer to Jesus.