Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Keep Going

Recently, I had a conversation with one of the men in my life. We were discussing how hard it is to keep going when something gets really hard... His issue was math, mine was running. He was telling me that he just wanted to give up when he wasn't able figure something out.. but someone encouraged him to dig in, take a deep breath, and how this showed him that if he just didn't give up, he could catch on.

I told him that I really understood that process... for years, I always admired those who called themselves runners. When I was younger, I could never keep up when we ran in PE. But about a year ago, I decided to attempt running.. I'd give it a try... I've been slowly working at increasing my speed and distance. I'm still not going very fast or as far as I'd like. But I keep lacing up my shoes and getting out there, as often as I can. 

I shared this with my little man and I told him.. I never thought I'd be running at this point in my life. I asked him if he knew what had changed in me.. He said no. I told him that I used to think that I just wasn't a runner. It was too hard to catch my breath and too hard to keep going. But now, many years later, when I'm now much older.. I've learned that if I just keep breathing and keep going.. then eventually I will reach my goal. 

So whether it's math, running, or whatever your challenge is.. just keep going.

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