Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Frenzy

These days I feel like life is going at warp speed... Friday is almost always my busiest day of the week.  

9am -  leave the house and drive to Colorado Springs
10am -  drop off one of the boys at a weekly appointment
10-11:30 - run errands (which include buying birthday and baby gifts @ Recess, one of the best children's stores in Colorado Springs ) 
11:30am -  pick up from my sweet boy 
12pm - grab quick lunch date with my sweet boy
12:30pm -  shop for snow pants and boots for the boys
1pm -  swing by Hobby Lobby for gift wrap and craft supplies
1:30 - drive back up the mountain with stops to get gas and pick up dry cleaning
3pm - finally back home
6pm -  birthday party for our sweet neighbor who turned 6 years old today
8:30pm -  drop off boys back to their mom : (

I always used to wonder what life would be like as a stay on the go at home wife and mom. I think I might have envisioned long days that I would have to work hard to fill with activity.  These days, I long for days of minimal activity.. with no plans or duties. I have become the hermit who is completely at peace with pizza and a good movie on a Friday night. Living so far away from town, every trip in is an effort, so we have to get everything checked off of our lists when we're in town.  Fridays are so full for me, but I love that I get the one on one time with one of the boys. It's special and I try to make it count. These are the days that we have our "deep" talks and he shares his heart with me. I listen and only give advice when he asks for it.. he needs me to hear what he's saying and he wants to know that he's going to have the bubble of that time with me and that what is said in the car stays in the car. I know that one day, he'll remember our weekly journey to town and I hope that it will be a bright moment in his memory.. because it certainly is in mine.

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