Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Mom and Dad came to visit and to celebrate my birthday. We went to a dinner and movie..two of my favorite things!

Our good friends, the Bennetts came up for a day.. and the menfolk did what some crazy menfolk do. They shot guns and went scouting for wildlife. 

We girls chose to stay at the house and relax.. with coffee and leftover birthday cheesecake.

Before they left, Donnie and Rhonda took time to pray for my sweet Momma... what a blessing.

I don't have many childhood memories that don't include these four adults... remember "Train up a child..." They did and we have not departed from it.

Mom and I enjoyed the warm temperatures on the deck... love her so much.

On the weekend, we headed  up to Denver for Rock the Range. Dad had to work, but we checked in periodically.

Finally.. it was back to country life. We just enjoyed every single minute together and I can't wait until they come back!

Come back soon... I miss you so much already!

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