Tuesday, July 12, 2011

To the One I Love

To my Dan...
From the moment I first met you... it was evident that you were the one that I had waited so long to find. For years and years, I prayed, cried, waited, and prayed some more.. hoping that God would bring the man that I had dreamed of, into my life.

our first date .. ignore the date on the picture

The way that we found one another was not "traditional"  (match.com, what????) and although the ones that knew and loved us weren't sure that we were doing the right thing.. we knew that God had a plan for us.

Now here we are three years later.. Circumstances and trials have not been kind to us. The enemy has tried his best (which is never good enough) to tear us apart with legal battles, financial pressure, and much time apart. When I hear the statistics for marriages, I think to myself, wow, I have a husband that has been through the storm, is going through more, and he still has a heart after God and chooses to serve him and lead our home in that direction. You are the love of my life, the one I hoped and dreamed of for so many years.. Thank you for loving me and choosing me! I will spend the rest of my years on this earth honoring and loving you with my whole heart. Happy Birthday, My Honey.. and Happy 3rd Anniversary!

I love you...

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