Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lessons From A Road Trip

Today we took a short trip up to the high country (yes, even higher than where we live) to see the changing foliage. It was gorgeous!

On our way, we stopped to eat lunch at small town restaurant. It was delicious! As we got ready to pay for our meal, we realized that we had mis-communicated and that instead of putting our debit card in the purse that I had brought with me, it was left in the purse that was at home.. sitting on the bed. We had not one penny with us. Not good, not good at all. We went to the register and started to explain our situation and the waitress immediately told us that we could call when we got home with our credit card number. Woo Hoo! Thank God for small town businesses!!! 

In the midst of this little episode.. I thought, "Here we go again, why must our lives have a hiccup every day!! God do you even care about what happens in my daily life?" As we got to our bike, a gentleman from inside came out and said, "Here, we overheard your conversation and we want to make sure that you have at least a little cash on hand to get home." At first, we refused it, but he insisted and wanted to be sure that it was enough for us.  I was in AWE! I knew in my heart that God had sent this man to renew my hope and faith. 

The rest of our afternoon was blissful.. lots of gorgeous scenery. I'll share a few pictures:

Gorgeous Views

I'm so blessed to live in this 

If he loves it, I'll try it..

I'm so in Love with this man!

Yes, folks.. we were above 12,000ft

See this storm we were trying to outrun!! Yikes!!

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Dolly said...

Can't believe I haven't been following your blog. Just saw you updated it and I love the pictures. You DO live in a gorgeous area. Wow! Love that you guys rode a motorcycle too. How romantic! Hope you didn't get caught in that scary looking storm .