Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lay It Down

How long have I been so focused on my own dreams that I didn't have

room for The Destiny and Purpose designed for me? The sad thing is.. I

haven't realized before that I've been thinking like this.

I had a conversation with my husband recently... At the end of it, I

clearly heard God tell me to lay down MY dreams and with it the burden

that I've been DRAGGING. In that moment, I felt peace. But immediately

following that peace, the enemy tried to bring heartbreak, fear, even

resentment over my laid-down dreams. I had to make a choice in that

moment, to trust that the plans that God has for me are much greater

than the ones that I've had a death grip on for as long as I can

remember. If My Lord asks of me, I have no other desire than to honor


Yes, for moment, I felt like Abraham sacrificing Issac. If I remember

correctly, God only asked for the willingness to obey, not the actual

sacrifice. But the Bible has many stories that required some sort of

sacrifice, laying down desires that were not just a test, but a command.

My prayer is that as I trust the

Lord to lead me in my journey, that He will use this broken vessel and

mold me, shape me, use me, and that I will ultimately bring honor and

glory to His Name.

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