Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Prayer From A Stepmom

Lord, this responsibility that I have accepted seems to be overwhelming some days. These precious hearts and souls that I've been entrusted with are always on my mind.

Help me, Lord, to see them through Your eyes, love them like You do, and understand their fears and frustrations with Your heart.

Hold my heart together when they call me by my first name and choose not to call me Mom. I know they already have a mother... But, oh, it's so hard when you love them like you've birthed them, yet you know there's always that defining line that identifies you not as their parent, but as the bonus parent. The person that came into their life because their parents aren't together anymore.

Keep my heart soft towards them in difficult times and help me to always point them towards You and to draw them closer to You. 

Lord... these children are as much a part of me as their father is. I will be there to celebrate their highs, comfort them in their lows, and be their biggest fan in all they do. 

Thank you, Lord... You've given me so much more than I deserve in these children. I count it all joy to be their stepmom. My cup runs over and over. 

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Vicki Casarez said...

Happy Mothers Day sister! I am always in awe of your strength and faith! I don't know what it is like to be a stepparent BUT what I do know is that these boys were blessed the day you came into their lives and more so at the certain time of their lives! Just as blessed as you feel to be their stepmom one day they will know how blessed they were the day you and Dan married! It wont always be easy being second in the "mom" department! But being an outsider looking in these boys love you so much and I know they couldn't be more happier to have you as the Best Stepmom Ever! You 4 were made for each other! Love you so much, ~Love Vicki~