Thursday, February 7, 2013

Image Change

I'm going through my clothes and pulling out warm weather clothes (cause it's been 70-80's for weeks now) and I'm happy to report that my clothes are fitting well or loosely. My clothing budget has been extremely limited for the past couple of years and so I made do with uncomfortable clothes because I couldn't really afford new ones.

I attempted to try to lose weight, but just wasn't successful. Finally, after attending a wedding weekend in September, where I was bothered that I hadn't been disciplined enough to get fit, I made the decision to make changes. No quick fixes. I made consistent changes with food portions and health choices. I exercised consistently. I allowed myself to be hungry sometimes.. try it, it's good for you. I began to juice and skip meat for a couple of days. After about a month, I finally saw a difference. My husband and family started seeing them, too.

I've still got a ways to go and don't always make good food choices, but it's become a way of life and that's what I like the most. The change isn't about self image, it's about self preservation.

Ohh.. and my clothes are thankful for it, too. I'm pretty sure that I heard them sigh.

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