Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Be or Not To Be.. A Runner

I ran six miles for the first time yesterday.. Well, to be honest, I think I probably walked one of them. I've been following a training program for a half marathon that I was hoping to compete in this coming November. The bad news is.. Due to budget constraints, I'm going to have to push my half marathon hopes into 2013. Still, I wanted to follow through on the training.

ANYWAY... I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, but I knew that I might not get a long run in on Saturday since we have buckets and buckets o' rain in the forecast. I took off on my run and was struggling the first mile..and the second and third. I kept pushing through thinking it would get easier.. It NEVER did. It was so bad at one point that I was praying (out loud, while running), and asking God to help me make it.

When I finally got home, I was sore and my muscles were so tight. My husband asked me if I thought that maybe I should reconsider my dreams of being a seasoned runner. I quickly told him to zip his lips and rub me down with Blue-Emu.

Seriously though... Does anyone have any running advice for me. My five miles last week weren't a breeze, but they were so much easier than this week's six. Help!!!!

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Clewley's Adventures! said...

Keep building your endurance;) Kayla's math teather was an olympic runner and he told Kayla to build endurance you have to set a reasonable goal but one that pushes you and do that goal over and over till it is easy and then put on more diatance and so on....hope it helps just dont quit:) miss you guys!