Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Moving Forward

As we drove away from the last chapter in our lives this morning, I couldn't help but to feel relieved. The past four years held so much pain and heartache. So much loneliness and despair. We were mostly ostracized in our small town. It seems it's easier to believe gossip than it is to ask the truth. Or some just choose indifference.

If you don't go through the storm, you don't see your true character and you won't know if you'll depend on God or try to fight the battle on your own. My many weaknesses were laid out for all to see... At times , I gave up. Then I would find renewed strength and realize strengths that I didn't know I had. My poor husband, he was carrying so much on his shoulders, yet he would still find ways to make me feel important to him and would try to lessen my burden.

We know that this move doesn't eliminate all of the battles that we faced before. You can never eliminate your problems by changing zip codes. But we have a new joy, new hope, and stronger faith. We have watched God move mountains, remove barriers, and answer prayers. One of our biggest battles isn't over... But the One who goes before us will continue to fight our battles for us.

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