Thursday, February 10, 2011

Because You Must

I have become an avid reader of many amazing blogs... Seriously, I have time set apart in my day (most days, anyway), to read and catch up with some wonderfully, witty writers.

Here are a few that are changing my world..

Teaching Tuck and Ty - This one stirs my soul and reminds me to cherish each moment.

From The Nato's - Jaime is witty, and outright hilarious.. she's also amazingly crafty and deeply insightful on many different topics!

Kingdom Twindom - Sarah is a mother of five (including two sets of twins). She has an amazing marriage testimony and is currently trusting that the God who began a good work in that union, will be faithful to complete it.

Jaime the Very Worst Missionary - Jaime and her family are missionaries to Costa Rica. I love her sense of humor and way of  "telling it like it is"!!

Stilettos & Grace - Angela inspires me with her passion for God and her love for her family! She's also got some fabulous fashion sense!

There are more.. but it's late and I'm getting very, very sleepy. Pop on over and follow these great bloggers. They inspire me and make me laugh, sometimes cry, but always draw me closer to Jesus.

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