Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Things First

I've been going back and forth ... Should I make a list of resolutions? Or should I just be resolute in my decisions?  Wait just a second.. that's the same thing, isn't it? After all of the trials that 2010 brought along, I am sooooo ready for a new beginning, a new day.  Let the pain stay in the past and I will press toward the what God has in store!

Well, I've been mulling over the things that I'd like to do differently this year.. the things I want to be purposeful in doing...  So here it goes: (once it's in print, it adds much more to the commitment, right)

One- I am going to follow through and keep up with my Bible Reading Plan (for goodness sake, I have it on my ever present iPhone! How hard should this be.. close the Facebook app, open up the Bible app, and READ!)

Two- I will work at letting words come out of my mouth that build others and myself up, encourage, and show the faith that I claim to have.. I will not let my words tear others down.

Three- I will let the light of Jesus shine in me and through me. I will not be a stumbling block to others, but rather a stepping stone in other's journey.

Four- I am purposing to be the wife, mother, daughter, and friend that shows forth God's love to the ones that I hold dear. I will pray for them and encourage them. I will be my husband's biggest cheerleader, not his worst critic.

FiveI am going to get this bootie moving, get healthy and get fit! So that in the months to come, I will have energy and strength.  I've been way too tired this year and I want to finish what I began in 2010.

Six-  I am going to give of my time (although I don't have much free time these days, but if it's not a sacrifice, it's not as worthwhile, right?)! Let me make a difference in someones life.. please, Lord, use me.

I'm sure there are more.. I am also certain that there will be days that I'll have to come back to this post and remind myself of the things that I wanted to be purposeful in doing.. but I pray that when December 31, 2011 comes around, I will have accomplished more than I let fall by the wayside.  Won't you join me in making a difference in the lives around you.. in becoming more of what God has called for you to be?

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