Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cy's Salvation

Yesterday marked a memorable day in our family's history. Last night, Dan and Cy were talking quietly in the boys' room. I wondered what they were doing because those two together are never "quiet" ... I didn't get too curious because Christopher and I were engrossed in something on the computer. A few minutes later, Dan called me and I went into the boys' room where he and Cy were sitting on the floor. Dan said, "We just wanted to tell you that Cy just asked Jesus to come into his heart!" Whoo Hooo!! This has been an answer to prayer. Many of you know that our boys are in an non-Christian household when they are not with us and we are always believing that God protects them from things that they should not see or hear. Christopher asked Jesus to come into his heart four years ago and his spiritual compass is always on! We've been believing that Cy's heart would be open and hungry for the things of God. This was a true answer to prayer... God is so good and continues to show us His faithfulness!

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